How We Operate

MAP was established by rule of the Maine Supreme Judicial Court, which appoints eight governing commissioners comprised of six lawyers and two non-lawyers. The program is directed by William C. Nugent, Esq. and utilizes a large number of statewide lawyer and judge volunteers who have personal experience or training in addiction and/or mental health issues, and are trained in CONFIDENTIALITY and how to provide peer assistance. MAP has also investigated and interviewed the professional service providers to whom referrals can be made.


  • William C. Nugent, Esq. – Director
  • Jane Moriarty, Esq. – MAP Commission Chair
  • Anthony Trask, Esq – MAP Commission Vice-Chair
  • Hon. Ellen Gorman – Supreme Court Liaison
  • Gerard Conley, Esq. – Secretary-Treasurer

Governing Commission

  • Gerard Conley, Esq.
  • Charles Walter Smith, Esq.
  • Malcom Lyons, Esq.
  • Hon. Marygay Kennedy
  • Jane Moriarty, Esq.
  • Nicolas Ruf
  • Anthony Trask, Esq.


MAP presently has over 60 statewide volunteers who provide peer assistance regarding stress and depression as well as drug and substance abuse. The goal of MAP is to provide assistance and support to lawyers before mental health or addiction problems become debilitating and cause adverse consequences to these lawyers, their clients and their families.