Sex Addiction

Sex addiction is another case of natural urges gone to extremes.  There is, like certain eating disorders, no clear line beyond which normal behavior and thoughts can be classified as addictive.  Regardless, when a person is experiencing thoughts and behaviors of a compulsive nature, particularly when they start to dominate one’s life, that that is the time to seek help.

Although there is some controversy about the cause, diagnosis and treatment of sex addiction, it is generally agreed that it shares traits with chemical addiction.  For example, as the disorder progresses it can result in depression, feelings of shame, social anxiety, and a decrease in quality of life.  At its root, sex addiction is characterized by a lack of control over one’s thoughts, behaviors, and impulses regarding sex, particularly when it results in negative consequences particularly as they impact a person’s daily functioning, family, career. or life in general.  How the addiction manifests caries widely by individual and may include voyeurism, obsessive watching of pornography, constantly seeking additional sexual partners or stimulation, extended episodes of fantasizing,

If you suspect that you are experiencing difficulties of this nature, we can help you find a health care professional or and appropriate treatment group to assist you in understanding or finding treatment.


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